printed 09/13/2019


Several times while walking on the Ocean City Boardwalk during our eight months of residency in the area, my wife and I have narrowly missed being run over by bicycles or other rented conveyances.

It seems like most of these vehicles do not have horns or bells, and if they do, their operators do not use them—relying on pedestrians on the Boardwalk to see them and be quick enough to jump out of the way.

I believe all those who rent out vehicles for use on the boardwalk should be required to equip the vehicles with audible warning devices.

Also, those operating the vehicles should be required to use the devices when approaching pedestrians.

Those who don’t obey these rules should be subject to summonses.

With a few simple adjustments the Ocean City boardwalk can become a much safer area for all.

Bob Faszczewski


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