printed 01/15/2021


On Jan. 6, we watched in horror when a terrorist mob stormed the Capitol attempting to overturn the result of the November election.

The mob was incited by false claims about the election and the Jan. 6 process in Congress from both President Trump and Representative Andy Harris.

Even after the attack on the Capitol, Mr. Harris continued by raising his second objection in voting to challenge the Pennsylvania results.

The next day Mr. Harris continued to voice support on his Facebook page for searching for evidence of voter fraud.

The Jan. 8 Ocean City Today editorial, laid out a factual, easy to understand explanation why the federal government has no authority to establish a commission to look at results of elections held in any particular state in an attempt to look for fraud (because it would “federalize elections, blow apart the concept of state’s rights, etc.)

With both words and actions Mr. Harris and others have led supporters to falsely believe that the election results are not true and that there is a reason to take action to keep the current administration in power.

The results of these words and actions led to much destruction in the Capitol and on the grounds, to offices of elected officials, to scores of injuries and sadly even to several deaths of those same supporters.

Mr. Harris has proven that he does not consider the intelligence or personal safety of the citizens of his district, and he has also proven that he does not represent the values and principles of this district. Mr. Harris should resign.

Gail Jankowski


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