Letter to the Editor

printed 10/22/2021


This letter is a hope to inform visitors and locals that our Ocean City Beach Patrol needs your help. People need to be aware of beach safety when it comes to rip currents, shore break safety, flying umbrellas, sand holes, glass, alcohol, smoking restrictions, noise violations, ball playing, etc.

These ordinances are controlled by the Ocean City Beach Patrol. They have much on their plate, too much. A more informed educated “beach-goer” would be a tremendous help to the Beach Patrol. The more you “know,” the safer you and your family will be and the less stress on the “guards,” who need to focus on their jobs with as little stress as possible.

A more “educated,” caring, beach patron makes for a safer beach experience which you can enjoy for years to come. Let us be more responsible for our own safety and that of our families so that the guards have less to do. They are only human.

Frederick A. Kinling

Ocean City

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