Letter to the Editor

printed 08/24/2018


After reading the drippingly sarcastic letter from Charlie Lusco, I have to say that I am one of those who are in support of removal of the O.P. geese.

Guess that will give him one more person whose character he attacks in his diatribe against anyone viewing the removal as a good thing.

If he and the others care so much about the geese, they should at least use the proper name, which is Canada Geese.

Several years ago, the DNR suggested finding the nests & oiling or vigorously shaking the eggs then returning them to the nests. That way the females will continue to sit on the eggs that will never hatch. Thus, fewer little geese and less population growth.

The report came back that several dozen nests had been treated as directed, which was a drop in the bucket, but at least a good start. I don’t recall hearing if this was ever done again in following years, which would have been a big help.

I agree that Canada Geese are beautiful creatures, but don’t ever think they are defenseless. Their beak can put a real hurt on you and their wing could break your arm. That O.P. group provided meals to people who, many days, have little to eat. I can’t help but wonder if the people in O.P. who whine and cry about those 296, ever react the same way about the chicken, turkey, pigs, cattle, fish and crabs that they eat daily. Just a thought.

Betty-Lou Bowman

Ocean Pines

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