printed 03/15/2019


I read with amusement your editorial (“Impeachment lecture was misrepresented”) expressing your disappointment over the cancellation of a Democrat-party political briefing and rally, which was intended to encourage the impeachment of President Trump. I write to you as a private citizen and not as a representative of WGMD radio.

Of course, the usual fig leafs and artful subterfuge, so well-practiced by the professional left in America for nearly a century, are always there on the shelf for them to pull out and wave at innocent passers-by: “It’s just a lecture on the Constitution,” or “It’s just one aspect of the Constitution,” and other such absurd attempts to disguise the actual intent of the program, which was obvious: Encourage local Democrat-party faithful to bolster an impeachment effort in Congress.

(Although pains were taken to make it appear to be uninfluenced by current leftist agitation, one would observe that Marbury vs. Madison or even Article III, Sec. 3 would be topics germane to a simple talk about the Constitution, but, somehow, only impeachment seemed interesting enough to the former Democrat party chairman. Betcha he wouldn’t talk about Article V, though.)

Any American who has paid attention and managed to think for themselves during the last half-century understands full-well that the Democrat party and mainstream media in America are one and the same. Their goals and agenda are identical and they act together to achieve them. I’ve worked in media since the ‘70s and there’s no question that the left controls the press and entertainment media in this country.

Your editorial decried a lack of “patriotism” on the part of concerned citizens who don’t think it’s appropriate for a publicly funded building to be used as a rallying facility for local Democrat party activists. After all, if Tom Fitton wanted to offer a talk about The Necessity Of Keeping State Department Communications On a Secure Server at Foggy Bottom And NOT On a Private Server, Sribnik and his fellow travelers would be screaming bloody murder, and you would be leading that cheer.

Sherwood “Duke” Brooks

On-air host, Radio Free


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