printed 03/15/2019


“….law abiding Trump supporters — who did absolutely nothing wrong — were made to appear to be the equivalent of a pitchfork and torch carrying mob” is the valid opinion that I heard from a real great American patriot with regard to the March 6 cancelled library presentation.

The presentation was about the constitution and how it sets forth the procedures for impeachment. Some conservatives, like myself, were concerned that there would be violence as illustrated all over the U.S. perpetrated by Democrats attacking Trump supporters.

I asked if the library will consider having a sheriff present. The Berlin head librarian said, “I think it would be a good idea.”

What is going on in America today is normal behavior in third world, dictatorial governments. We Americans used to pride ourselves about how we can have an election and no violence would follow no matter who got elected.

We used to have a media that actually reported facts without regard to who it might offend. Now we have a media, with the exception of Fox News and OAN, (One America News Network), that just lies, not only fake news, but bold face lies.

They exaggerate, leave out details and examples of their accusations. It has been proven that the alphabet networks, with the exception of OAN, report negatively about Trump 91 percent of the time.

The media, late night comedies, and our educational system have fostered and greatly influenced the violence that is taking place today against conservatives.

Consider what happens when a conservative goes to a college to speak. Did you ever, ever imagine that wearing a hat or shirt that promotes making the country you live in a better place would provoke a violent act against you?

Conservatives are branded “extremists” by the liberal/progressive/socialists. Extreme in what way please? We were not the party of slavery in the past, nor are we the party of baby murder as proven today.

Take a good look at all the violent activity taking place in America today, like the riots that torch neighborhoods and stores. Take a look at Steve Scalise being shot down, with many other Republicans to follow if it were not for good men with guns stopping it. Editor, may I have two full pages to list the extremists, their activities and what party they belong to?

I found consolation in the idea that Worcester County was above all this biased, non-substantiated reporting as it applies to our daily lives.

The distorted report of who it was to blame for the library presentation blew that notion out of the water.

The left wing Trump-hating disease is here. For those of you suffering from “The Hate Trump Derangement Syndrome,” try printing out all his America first accomplishments for only his past two years, 14 pages, the most accomplished president for this time span in U.S. history!

Dennis W Evans


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