Letter to the editor

printed 07/13/2018


This is in reference to the Ocean Pines goose roundup, which was conducted during the early morning hours of June 29 and did not become widespread public knowledge until almost a week later.

The various news articles surrounding this event are misleading in many ways, as the Ocean Pines Association is only telling us what they want us to believe.

For example, nonlethal methods of goose population control the OPA claims were unsuccessful actually would have worked if only more time, more effort, and more money had been invested into making them work.

Instead, the issue was resolved in the most pathetic, barbaric way possible – compassion for God’s creatures be damned – and it would not surprise me if this mass killing was funded, at least in part, with taxpayer dollars.

As for the geese being “humanely euthanized,” do you suppose they would like us to imagine that State veterinarians were on hand to euthanize every goose, one at a time, and stand by to ensure that each and every one of them slipped away painlessly into eternal rest? Nothing could be further from the truth. All of those geese were gassed to death. Holocaust-style.

Perhaps the biggest lie of all is that the geese were donated to the Maryland Food Bank. Most likely their bodies were unceremoniously dumped into a landfill as the chemicals used to kill them would have rendered them unfit for human consumption.

Ocean Pines officials should be deeply ashamed of themselves instead of patting each other on the back right now.

Margaret Twilley

Ocean Pines

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