printed 02/21/20


It’s Deja vu all over again! At least as far as legislation in Maryland is concerned.

Most of the bad legislation that we have fought so hard over the last few years is back again, with the addition of the “Blueprint for Maryland’s Future – Implementation of Kirwan Recommendations” which expands state control over education and requires $32 billion in additional spending over 10 years.

Please keep in mind that this bill calls for no accountability as to student performance or behavior.

Additionally, has anyone noticed how the more involved state and federal governments become with education and the more money spent, the worse the results?

The bill numbers for the “Blueprint” are SB1000 and HB1300.

A good bill to support is SB78 which would require county boards of education to implement regulations on remedial behavior expectations of students; to require restitution to students and teachers who have been harmed by the offending student; and modify the schedule of the individual who violated so that contact with the person harmed is minimized.

Of course, our Second Amendment rights are under attack in several bills.

One of the worst is SB208/HB4 which would require background checks on a person (including family members) to whom you might loan a weapon (such as loaning your rifle to your cousin to try out).

And SB422 requires that every person with a permit issued or renewed must complete on separate calendar days each year an approved course on situational awareness and a course on competent handling of a firearm.

That’s two days out of your life and two fees out of your pocket, every year.

Physician Assisted Suicide is back again this year. It was defeated last year by only one vote.

Sanctuary State Legislation is up again this year. SB850 and HB677 would prohibit state and local government entities from entering into agreements facilitating immigration-related detention by private entities and would prohibit government entities from entering into certain agreements to house immigration-related detainees.

This would also require governmental entities to terminate existing contracts for the detention of immigration-related detainees.

I don’t know how many times we have to say it before it sinks in: We are in favor of and enthusiastically support legal immigration. Illegal immigration is exactly that – illegal.

In opposition to this legislation is SB197, which would require a state or local correctional facility to notify the US Department of Homeland Security that an individual subject to an immigration detainer is ready to be released – the notice would need to be provided 72 hours before the individual is released.

Had this been in place, several terrible crimes with young victims could have been prevented.

I urge my fellow Eastern Shore citizens to take the time to research these bills and others and to let our elected representatives know where we stand.

You can find out all about current proposed bills by going to mgaleg.maryland.gov. You can call or email the senators and delegates with your opinions.

I hope we can work together to defeat some of these proposed bills, which will harm our way of life if passed.

Carol Frazier

Ocean Pines

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