printed 05/22/2020


It has been a long winter and spring for John and Kitty Dyer of Bayshore Drive in Ocean City.

Last August, they celebrated their joint 90th birthdays with a huge family celebration. They also received the Key to the City in celebration of their long-time commitment to the town of Ocean City.

Over the winter, both John and Kitty battled illnesses and each was hospitalized on several occasions.

At the start of the pandemic, a decision was made to keep both at home and provide 24/7 care so that they could recover and rehab in a safe environment.

To facilitate their care, their daughter, Joanne, a longtime nurse, flew from California and moved in to help.

In addition, her two adult children made the decision to travel long distances to assist their mother and provide much needed care for their grandparents.

David, a national paralympic snowboarder, decided to make the journey when his place of employment at Squaw Valley in California closed in early March.

An early riser, he is up with the sun and trains each morning so that he is able to help his grandparents during the day.

Catherine, a master’s degree candidate at Columbia University in New York, joined her family after an internship trip to Chile was canceled in March.

Her school moved classes to an online format so she has been able to help, while keeping up with her coursework from school.

It is now time to celebrate!

Both John and Kitty are on the mend thanks to the wonderful level of care that they have received from Joanne and her kids.

On Monday, May 18, John celebrated his 91st birthday. On Wednesday, May 20, Catherine [took] part in a virtual ceremony where she will receive her master’s degree from Columbia.

While these last few months have offered their share of trials and tribulations, [this] week will be a week of celebration for all!

Mary Beth Dyer

Eastham, Massachusetts/Ocean City

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