printed 02/15/2019


My family and I recently moved to Ocean City from Washington, D.C.

As you can imagine, we did so in order to change the pace of our lives and better enjoy the people and nature around us.

I wanted to express how very welcome we have felt over the past months, but especially recently. You see, I am one of those federal workers that was furloughed for over a month.

Trying to make the best of the time, I made sure I went to the gym often where I met a great group of folks in one of the classes. They each took the time to introduce themselves and ask about life. And then just before the furlough ended, one of them—Joan—brought in a generous gift card for a local grocery store.

My family and I felt very touched by this kindness from a virtual stranger.

This is only one of many things that have happened to us in and around Ocean City—neighbors have helped with the yard, parks and rec reached out when they didn’t have to, and restaurant and retail workers have been delightful. I could go on.

I hope that this letter can serve to thank and honor the wonderful community of Ocean City for their genuine hospitality and unknowingly rolling out the welcome mat for our family.

Bridgette Stone

Ocean City

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