printed 05/22/2020


I hope that I read your newspaper correctly.

Am I to understand that our county commissioners stopped funding our local hospital because 30 percent of the patients served by Atlantic General’s emergency room came from Delaware?

A state a few miles away from AGH? A state AGH intended to serve when the hospital was built?

So 70 percent of AGH’s patients, most of whom are purportedly represented by our commissioners, therefore need to be punished by cutting AGH’s funding, to teach the State of Delaware and its residents a lesson.

Or, is the real reason for the cut Commissioner Joe Mitrecic’s dissatisfaction with the service he or a family member received during a visit?

One patient/commissioner was dissatisfied, so four commissioners decide to cut funding during the fourth year of a five-year commitment.

This seems like a good reason to cut operational and long-term campus funding for the other 117,000 patient interactions provided by AGH.

No emergency room can meet everyone’s emergency health needs, especially a rural ER which has over 37,000 annual patient interactions.

I feel fortunate that my family has always received exceptional service with our AGH ER visits, but AGH cannot be perfect.

But four commissioners address Mr. Mitrecic’s service complaint by cutting operational funding for those critical services.

Hospitals are at risk – the procedures and treatments that fund their operations have been suspended during this pandemic.

They are financially strapped without revenue sources while they are legally required to care for every infected or hurt person (including every Commissioner), without regard to ability to pay.

Our health care workers have endured incredible pressures and risk. We should be thanking them every day. This is not the time to politicize healthcare or AGH, which appears to be precisely what happened.

This is the time to come together to showcase our assets. Quality healthcare is a quality of life asset, and something people consider when making a decision about where to live and where to retire.

Jim List

Ocean City

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