printed 07/26/2019


I believe one of the most difficult and unappreciated jobs is driving an Ocean City trash truck during the hot summer months.

These drivers must maneuver balky vehicles in tight spots, empty dumpsters that are sometimes on an angle, and then backup with limited vision while not hitting any vehicles or pedestrians.

Unfortunately I witnessed a situation where the trash truck was not being operated in the most efficient and effective manner.

For at least 32 minutes the driver of a trash truck stopped his vehicle with the motor running in a driving lane. When I went to find out why the truck was not moving, I found that dumpsters that had to unloaded were being blocked by an illegally parked car.

Once the police and a tow truck operator took the necessary action to remove the illegally parked vehicle, the driver then emptied the dumpster.

The way I see it, the driver should have continued with his route until he was notified by radio that the illegally park vehicle had been removed.

Sitting in the traffic lane with the motor running for about 32 minutes is inefficient and not climate friendly in the hot summer months in Ocean City.

Hopefully, this was an isolated incident and not the normal practice of the Ocean City trash operations when a dumpster to be emptied is blocked by an illegally parked vehicle.

Joseph H. Potter

Ocean City

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