printed 02/15/2019


We have owned our home in North Ocean City since July, 1979. We are year-round residents, and we have, over the years, welcomed the growth of our area. We live on a canal, which is home to many families who own boats as well as jet skis and kayaks.

There are also three canals, well populated with watercraft, which must feed into our canal to get out to the bay. At the bottom of our canal is an area that is home to our neighbors who own condos on the south side of this small body of water near Coastal Highway. These residents have boats.

The north side of this water is where a business named OC Bay Hopper is planning to base their company.

OC Bay Hopper wants to offer sightseeing boats, a taxi boat, and an event/party boat, all of which will use our canal to get to the bay. They want to install a 10’x10’ floating dock and a 3’ x 30’ aluminum ramp to go from bulkhead to floating dock.

This alteration is not at this time allowable in the SC-1 District where the OC Bay Hopper hopes to be based. They need approval from the Mayor and City Council, the Board of Port Wardens, and the Planning and Zoning Board.

We are concerned about the commercial traffic in our residential neighborhood, as well as the problems caused by maintenance of these commercial vehicles. Mostly, we are terrified by the devaluation of our major investment, our home.

Stan and Veronica Kahn

Ocean City

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