printed 07/31/2020


I live across a bridge from LaLaLand, a place where there is no pandemic. People are free to ignore social distancing and face masks are not required on its crowded Boardwalk.

While Worcester County had only about 300 cases of covid-19 after four months of pandemic, it now has 200 more in only about two weeks. I’m sure those cases must mainly be in Snow Hill and Pocomoke City, for there is no pandemic in LaLaLand.

Even though over a dozen bars and restaurants have had to close due to infections amongst their mostly younger staff, there has not been one mass testing site within the confines of LaLaLand.

And even though Rehoboth and Bethany require masks on their boardwalks without much ado, there is no such requirement in LaLaLand.

Oh, and all the unmasked people who visit LaLaLand and return to other places in Maryland, helping to drive up our once admirably low infection rate, they probably picked up the virus while heading home through Pittsville.

It would appear LaLaLand aspires to the status of often regionally avoided hot spots such as Myrtle Beach and Virginia Beach. It would be truly ironic if the land across the bay’s laxity resulted in the state further closing down restaurants and bars.

But I don’t have to worry. I have only to cross the bridge to LaLaLand. I’ve heard there’s no pandemic there.

Richard Marchesiello

Ocean Pines

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