printed 01/08/2021


We have lived and owned property in Ocean Pines for almost 31 years and I have never seen the streets/roads look so bad with trash an debris, tree branches, leaves in the ditches and raked leaves just lie on the streets/roads.

When the residents of Ocean Pines take their time to rake the leaves, they should be collected, not just left out there to eventually blow back into ditches. Tree branches should be collected, not just left on the roads, maybe trim and cut back the trees.

You have code enforcement, press the construction sites to clean up instead of having trash blowing down the streets. I clean up the area in our neighborhood, it is no big deal, maybe come up with a fun incentive program to get everybody involved. We should take pride in our neighborhood and community.

Instead of spending money on another capital project, I think you need to focus on making Ocean Pines look a little better. I have no problem with an increase in annual dues if it is used properly. Maybe the general manager and board members should take a ride in the neighborhoods, you should be embarrassed, I know, I am. Just take a ride down Ocean Parkway, you don’t even have to ride down the side streets/roads.

Thank you.

Wayne Littleton

Ocean Pines

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