printed 04/17/2020

China or Hell, Covid where are you from?

You’ve changed the World, what will we become?

Coved-19, a novel virus to date

Our country’s response was a bit too late!

This is no flu, no Democrat hoax!

It’s a Global Pandemic - no need to be coaxed!

It spreads exponentially, from touch and spray

A threat to the World growing each day!

We need tests, tests, tests, vents, gloves and masks

For our frontline heroes - too much to ask?

Make-shift field hospitals in arenas and parks

Reminiscent of Plague in the Ages of Dark!

Essential business open, so many are closed

Liquor stores selling, they’re one of those?

Shelves are empty of toilet paper and eggs

Hand sanitizer so scarce fruitless to beg!

Our lives have changed, such unsettling times

Self isolation and lockdown are prime

Wash your hands, stay home, social distance the norm

Is this the beginning or end of the storm?

No work, no money, how to get by?

So much fear and sickness, will we survive?

We live our lives now with Skype and Zoom

Be hopeful! Be creative to lessen the gloom

And so the spread grows, no apex yet

We want facts and truth! How bad will it get?

But despite loss of life, as uncertainty grows

We are AmeriCANS - doesn’t it show?

We know in our hearts this too shall pass

Grit , strength and courage knows no class

We will heal, re-coup and give it our all

We will rise from the ash, reverse this fall!

The old norms are gone, new ways will emerge

The weakened Economy is projected to surge

We will return to work, with renewed energy

America will come back with a force we’ll see

There’s no looking back, the past is no longer

But we will rise up, face the challenges stronger!

A “Brave New World” will emerge to be seen

Be gone! Don’t return, hated Covid 19!

Jil Klein


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