Letter to the Editor

printed 09/07/2018


I was in attendance at the first meeting of the “Goose Group” at the Ocean Pines library on Aug. 16.

Mr. Bailey gave a presentation on water quality, which I found very interesting. The water quality test done in August turned out to be a complete failure, despite the fact that all of those geese had been dead and gone since June 29.

If geese were the actual culprit, any reasonable person would come to the conclusion that the water quality should have improved with 290 fewer geese pooping in the pond — but it didn’t, not even a tiny little bit.

Anyone concerned with real health hazards only needs to take a walk around the South Gate Pond to see all the poison ivy growing there. It grows up the trees and even into the pathway itself. Some of it looks like it’s been there for years. I suppose Canada geese are all somehow responsible for that too.

Stop grasping at straws and blaming the geese for everything. If you continue to ignore the obvious health hazards and just focus on the perceived problems, everyone on the Eastern Shore is going to think *you* are full of goose poop.

Ocean Pines is already the laughing stock of Worcester County and as a resident of this community, I find it to be extremely embarrassing.

Stephanie Fisher

Ocean Pines

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