printed 07/12/2019


Many of you have seen Megan Rapinoe recently showcased in the news. Ms. Rapinoe is a member of the United States National Women’s Soccer team currently playing in the FIFA world championships in France.

Ms. Rapinoe has chosen to use our National Anthem as a forum to protest her perceived social and economic injustices that prevail in our country.

This is America, she certainly has the right to protest in what she believes are injustices that need national attention.

I do, however, question the venue she is using to advance her agenda. She is seen during the playing of our National Anthem standing with a smirk on her face and her hands at her sides and not across her heart. I think she is sadly mistaken if she thinks this initiative is advancing her cause.

Whether she intends to or not, she is disrespecting many of our patriotic citizens, along with our active duty and veteran military personnel. Particularly those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in insure her right to protest in our beloved country.

We live in a country that is governed by elected officials on the local, state, and national level.

Ms. Rapinoe if you have not already done so, why not contact your elected representatives to highlight the problems and change you so desire. In face, why don’t you run for office (lot’s of luck with that).

This is a great county we live in. Most of our citizens love it here. No one is suggesting that America is perfect.

We still will always have old fences to mend and new pasture to till. If you are truly not happy here, why not find a country that more coincides with your ideals and beliefs. Don’t let the door hit you on the butt.

In closing, best wishes to our Women’s National Soccer team in the World Cup.

Joseph J. Pantone


United States Marine Corps

Ocean Pines

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