printed 09/28/2018


I moved to this area a year ago to escape the hassles of city life and to be closer to nature. I originally planned to settle in Ocean Pines before unexpectedly finding my dream home in South Point.  

Fortunately for me, as an animal lover, staying out of Ocean Pines has turned out to be the best decision I have ever made since hearing about that latest incident.

 “That latest incident” I’m referring to was the merciless killing of almost 300 Canada geese in the community on June 29. Three months later, I am still puzzled as to how this was allowed to happen with absolutely no substantial documented evidence that those birds were an actual health threat.  

Even more criminal is the fact that this event was conducted without any knowledge of the community’s residents (whose money helped fund it) until after the deed was done.

A friend described to me what it was like in Ocean Pines later that morning after the killings: eerie silence, with no sound whatsoever of wildlife. It was as if all the wild creatures knew what had happened to the geese, and were in mourning.

I can tell you that if I had purchased property in that community a year ago, my property would now be on the market. It wouldn’t matter if I had purchased the finest home in all of Ocean Pines.

If I wanted to live in a community which practices random acts of violence against defenseless creatures, and apparently cares little about the thoughts and opinions of its residents, I would have stayed in the city. 

So congratulations, Ocean Pines! Your leaders have earned you a fine reputation as a community devoid of compassion and respect for any living things other than those individuals who support such atrocities.

Rachael Luther


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