printed 05/01/2020

This letter was sent to President Donald Trump and forwarded to Ocean City Today

Dear President Trump:

I am writing to you to express my deep concern about the direction that this country is going under your chaotic leadership from the Oval Office as we battle the covid-19 virus.

I understand the increased level of frustration that a reported minority of people are experiencing because of the stay at home orders that the governors of most states have issued.

Now to get more specific.

I have seen you on television say that you, as President, had the power to declare, possibly as early as May 1, 2020, that our economy was opening for business.

This was quickly followed by a pronouncement that really that power rested in the hands of the governors. And now I have watched the reports on television about demonstrators in the streets demanding that these stay at home orders be relaxed in order for some businesses to begin to open, etc.

The really sad part of all of this is the total lack of your support for the governors as they try with all their heart to protect the safety and well-being of their citizens.

In fact, I view many of your comments on this issue as undermining the governors while encouraging these protestors to continue their demonstrations.

My greatest fear is that your behavior on this issue could lead to riots in the streets similar to what we had in Charlottesville, Virginia, a few years ago.

I believe that we have come a long way in our battle against this invisible enemy.

However, we should not attempt to reopen the economy before steps are in place to do it in a safe and orderly manner.

This includes a number of steps that have been identified by your Task Force such as wide-spread testing, tracing, etc.

As horrific as this virus has been, it would be devastating to find ourselves back to square one in this battle because we opened the economy too soon.

In closing, I ask that you be less concerned about the stock market while paying greater attention to the medical and scientific professionals that can provide you with sound advice as to the best way to move forward in these difficult times.

After all, we only get one-shot at getting it right the first time!

Harry W. Yeich

Ocean City

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