Letter to the Editor

printed 11/12/2021


At the risk of giving more than deserved attention to recent pro wind farm letters to the editor, I offer the following:

During the recent two (three hours each) public comment sessions by the Maryland Public Service Commission, there were a total of approximately 80 speakers.

Ninety percent of the speakers were not Eastern Shore residents. They represented environmental organizations and those promoting job opportunities. Every speaker advocated establishment of wind farms off Maryland’s coast. The only point of contention was the placement of the wind turbines from shore.

The OC Today Letter writers make disrespectful references to “privileged wealthy” beachfront property owners and offer shameful arguments about how the environmentally responsible residents of Ocean City should blindly support the solution to the world’s climate change problem by embracing wind farms located closer than 13 miles off shore.

It is ironic that these same people are so anxious to sacrifice the truly awesome natural view of the precious ocean horizon. Anyone remember the [Joni Mitchell] song “Pave Paradise and Put Up a Parking Lot?”

There has not been one fact offered of why the wind turbines all cannot be placed 20 or more miles offshore. Surely there is enough room within the 80,000-acre allocation for the approved number of 850-foot plus high wind turbines and still protect our ocean scape.

We only have one chance to get this right!

Mary Reese

Ocean City

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