printed 06/21/2019


Yesterday, June 17, at 10:13 a.m., my 25-year-old nephew was riding his bike on 72nd Street, smoking a Juul cigarette near his family’s vacation home on 66th Street which they have owned for over 30 years.

He was pulled over by Officer David Munir of the Ocean City Police Department.

My nephew was given a Citation for $50 for “possession of a controlled dangerous substance of Schedule I to wit: marijuana and had his Juul cigarette confiscated.

A Juul cigarette is an alternative to cigarettes. A Juul device is a vaporizer that has regulated temperature control and uses a Juulpod filled with a proprietary e-liquid.

My nephew tried to explain what the device was but the officer took it anyway.

My nephew and I went to the police department to at least get back his Juul, which did not contain marijuana. We also brought with us the partially used packet of refills for the Juul.

My nephew explained to the officer at the desk what happened and was told to get a court date. I tried to speak and was abruptly told to stop talking.

The officer was speaking to my nephew. I am 64 years old.

We are from the Philadelphia area. Should my nephew just pay the $50 and have this as a “lesson learned”? My nephew is on the Dean’s List at the college he attends and also works.

He has 15 days to stand trial by sending his request in writing to Ocean City’s District Court.

I believe this is wrong. There was absolutely no marijuana involved.

The officer was young and even had to call in to find out how to write a ticket. I feel the police are not properly trained and the police department should have voided this citation. I can’t believe this officer did not know what this was.

Sue Russell Glover

Philadelphia, Pa.

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