printed 01/31/2020


I think the debate and rationale for or against offshore wind farms is not based in reality.

The argument against is largely based on how it will look from Ocean City.

Do you really think a farm located 17 miles off shore is going to mar the coastline aesthetics, drop property values, and devastate the resort’s tourism industry?

Given the curvature of the earth and the humidity, one would barely see these terribly expensive, inefficient monsters, if at all.

The argument for these machines is based, once again, on the global warming hysteria, ( now known as “climate change” since the hacking of an email in East Anglia UK Nov. 17, 2009 where it was uncovered that the earth is not warming due to human activity).

So now it is called “Climate Change,” a term I have always attributed to “seasons.” No one at [last] Saturday’s hearing denied the reality of climate change.

As Joseph Goebbels knew, if you repeat a lie enough people will believe it.

According to OC Today, we heard statements like, “we are facing a climate emergency” as stated by Nanci Wilkinson of the Maryland Climate Coalition, “a much greater threat then killing birds is climate change and the world’s bird species are threatened to go extinct at the current carbon emission rates,” stated by David Curson of Audubon Maryland-DC.

Steve Hershkowitz of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network said, “at current carbon emission rates there is a 93 percent, (not 95 percent) chance Ocean City will see flood tides of more than 5 feet between now and 2050.

He also said: “these wind turbines are our only hope of getting to 100 percent clean electricity, which is our only hope of curbing our greenhouse gas pollution enough to stop catastrophic flooding and the loss of this city.”

How do they “know” these predictions? Didn’t Al Gore and other environmental whacko extremists say NYC and Miami and much of the East Coast would be underwater and the North Pole would be ice-free by 2013?

What happened? We are seven years behind schedule.

Glacier National Park just took down their signs predicting that the glacier would be gone by 2020.

Now we have super nut jobs like NY Congress woman AOC saying we have nine years to live if we don’t give up air travel etc., The New Green Deal.

Another woman at the meeting cited: “the fires in Australia and floods in Indonesia as evidence that time is of the essence for the resort island.”

I don’t know what that means. Delegate Lorig Charkoudian said: “we are facing a climate crisis.”

Delegate Carol Krimm said: “we all agree we are in a climate crisis.”

And someone else said: “the planet is warming at an alarming rate”. The United States is the cleanest country in the world per capita.

Where are these activists when it comes to criticizing China and India? China is building coal plants all over the world and gets 70 percent of its electric energy from burning coal.

The Chinese walk around with face masks because the air is toxic. The World Health Organization states that out of the 12 most polluted cities in the world, 11 are in India.

The liberal progressives are always wrong. Being sensationalists, they are always crying “wolf.”

What happened to the scare of the ’60s about world population as illustrated in the book “The Population Bomb” by Paul Ehrlich warning of mass starvation in the ’70s and ’80 s?

What about the global cooling scare of the ’70s that made cover story in Time magazine June 24, 1974?

We were all going to freeze. That same decade the liberal environmental whacko extremists said we are running out of petroleum.

With our sophisticated drilling techniques, we are capable of mining at least 200 years’ worth. Now, thanks to Trump, we are the world’s greatest producer and exporter of clean energy, especially clean, clean natural gas through fracking.

This is why you are saving so much money for gasoline today. How about the ozone hole scare of the ’80s where we were all going to get skin cancer?

As soon as they outlawed the cheap and very efficient Freon, you didn’t hear a peep out of them.

Now it costs so much to get air conditioning systems repaired.

In the ’90s they started with the “global warming” farce that will flood NYC and all coastal towns, the North Pole and Glacier National Park would be ice-free. They are always wrong.

I have enjoyed recreating on six waterfront properties for 37 years here on the Delmarva [Peninsula].

I have not seen a one-inch sea level rise. And now in 2020 we have the general, catchall scare, “climate change” which is termed a “Crisis.”

Every unpleasant but natural global occurrence that has been repeated for millions of years is blamed on “climate change.” Thus the “catchall” phrase.

There have been five glacial periods on this planet in 800 million years with no humans. In the earth’s 4.5 billion years we have gone from a boiling cauldron to a snow ball, again with no human activity and the earth recovered.

These many climate scientists rely on “models” which are many times inaccurate by just providing short-term weather forecasts.

How much more are they inaccurate giving long-term, decades long forecasts as in the flooding predictions? Also, they always say scientist have a “consensus” on this warming belief.

Scientists don’t operate through “consensus,” but prove things. We do have a crisis and it is in the way some Americans “think” and they are allowed to vote.

Ocean City needs to install more solar panels and end this stupid terribly expensive wind farm proposal.

Electric generation plants need to switch to clean, plentiful, cheap natural gas also. Problem solved.

Dennis W. Evans


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