Letter to the editor

printed 09/14/2018


This is one Ocean Pines resident who will not be calling the community home for much longer.

All of the dirty politics and lack of transparency have been an irritant for quite some time, but what really did it for me was the mass killing of hundreds of innocent geese just because they poop. I am ashamed to tell people that I live in Ocean Pines, and I do not want to live here anymore.

Is anyone even aware that Ocean Pines is rapidly gaining a reputation as a community that endorses animal cruelty? From the often intentional mowing down of families of geese on Ocean Parkway, to a smaller scale gassing of geese, which occurred last summer near the South Gate Grill (and within viewing distance of restaurant patrons), to this most recent slaughter of almost 300 geese, animal cruelty is rampant in the Pines.

With so much cruelty being easily tolerated, and obviously encouraged in some cases, anyone who cares for the future of Ocean Pines should be very concerned about the nature of people such a community would attract in the coming years. It’s certainly a chilling thought, as those who enjoy being cruel to animals are often cruel to humans.

I am blessed to be able to leave this place, and I know of many others who would like to do the same but cannot. I’m almost finished packing. My only regret is that I cannot take the remaining geese with me, although I will surely be praying for them.

Margaret Twilley

Ocean Pines

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