Letter to the Editor

printed 02/12/2021


Let me begin with the start of our Republic form of government.

It basically started with just three branches of government. They were the Legislative, Executive and the Judicial. I'm sure you who have studied our history realize that it was a unique form of government in that it was different from all other forms of governments at the time of its inception.

What was very special about it was that it was a government of, by and for the people.

That's all part of the legislative past however, through the past 232 years the government has grown.

Presently, not counting the military, there are 14 departments that are active.

They are the department of State, Treasury, Justice, Interior, Agriculture, Commerce, Labor, Health & Human Services, Housing & Urban Development, Transportation, Energy, Education, Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security.

Do any of you have any idea of what the estimated number of people and cost of these departments is?

Not counting the military, the approximate number of employees are 1,276,000 at an approximate cost of a little over $2 trillion annually.

If you want to add into this the estimated number of military personal of 2.86 million at an added estimated cost of $722 billion, plus as of 2019 and the approximate number of people presently receiving Social Security of a little over 45 million, the amount our government is responsible for is well over $3 trillion annually.

You realize of course the chief way our government gets its money is through taxes.

We the people pay 45 percent of this tax through personal income tax, 39 percent is through Social Security and Medicare tax, 12 percent through corporate income tax, 3 percent through other taxes and 1 percent through estate & gift taxes.

You should also realize that the money the government gets through taxes pays the salaries of all those presently working for the government and those who have worked for the government and are now retired.

Also, those on Social Security receive their payments by collected funds deducted from personal workers’ salaries.

Do you understand now why the debt of our government is almost $28 trillion and counting and that they haven't placed themselves on a budget for over 20 years?

I think it's time we the people demand a change in the size and number of departments in our government. Also term limits and what they get after serving might be a good starting point. Just a thought folks, think about it.

Paul St. Andre

Ocean City

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