printed 06/12/2020


On May 19, NASA reported evidence of a parallel universe where time runs backward.

As difficult as that concept is to grasp, I can’t help but wonder if we are the universe running backwards.

States shutdown businesses and order people to “stay-at-home” unless you want to go out in the street and loot those same businesses.

Criminals are released from jail to prevent them from getting covid-19 and, surprise, they commit more crimes while law-abiding business men and woman are put in jail for trying to open their businesses.

Churches and prayer are deemed non-essential. Even a Sunday service conducted in the church parking lot with the parishioners in their cars is prevented. Meanwhile, in grocery stores, hoarding and fights break out over toilet paper.

Healthcare workers are laid off and hospitals need a bailout during a pandemic.

More confusing to me than a parallel universe, though, is why our entire country is hated and responsible for the act of a deranged, psychotic, racist, sociopath.

Our country that was the destination and champion for those seeking freedom. A country founded by people that rejected that there is such a thing as superiority and privilege born to those of royal blood.

A country founded on the principal all men are created equal.

Our country was once 13 British colonies oppressed by England, with slavery imported by England to all 13 colonies. England prevented fair trade and imposed huge fees and tariffs essentially rendering the colonies and settlers as their indentured servants.

Within one year of declaring our independence, the state of Pennsylvania abolished slavery and became known as the “Free State.” Other states followed until 89 percent of all slavery resided in the southern states.

Those same southern states became the Confederate states and seceded from the union when slavery was abolished in the territories by President Lincoln.

Make no mistake, the Civil War was about defending the principal all men are created equal. Historians have tried to veil this fact by stating it was about state’s rights.

The Cornerstone Speech given by Alexander H. Stephens on March 21, 1861 removes the veil, as Stephens defended slavery by postulating the inferiority of the black race. Stephens would later become the vice president of the Confederacy.

Many Americans fought and died in the civil war to preserve the idea all men are created equal and not accept slavery in the southern states and territories.

Casualties are estimated between 620,000 and 850,000 and rise to 1.5 million when taking into account the missing and wounded.

The battle at Gettysburg alone had 51,000 casualties and 1 in 4 soldiers never returned home. Freed slaves also fought and suffered great casualties beginning at Milliken’s Bend, where over 600 Union soldiers died while guarding supplies.

During and after the civil war, our country passed the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments to free and protect the rights of former slaves. As we continue the equality struggle, there will unfortunately always be racists and sociopaths hiding in our society.

It is the racist and racism that dishonor our ideals, our history and our flag. They should be hated, not our country

Perhaps in the other universe.

Jerome E. Milko, Broker CRB, ABR

Ocean City

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