printed 06/14/2019


Seventy-five years ago, June 6, 1944, American soldiers saved liberty and an entire continent.

Few of us are still alive to remember how America saved the world for every future generation.

While I was home in America, helping to build WWII aircraft at Glen L. Martin Aircraft Company, thousands of men and women were in the planes we built and on Higgins boats waiting for the signal to fight to the death to stop Hitler’s Germany from taking over the world.

Wave after wave of Americans pushed their way through the gunfire and bombs to overtake the German army in Normandy, France. This victory became the turning point of WWII. [A total of] 9,388 soldiers remain in France, having made the ultimate sacrifice for people they would never know. For most of these brave young soldiers, this was the first time they had ever left the communities where they were born. They volunteered to save the world and many never returned home.

To all who remember, I ask you to find a television channel or Internet locations to watch and listen to President Trump’s speech in Normandy, France.

Teach all the children the factual history of our nation and the brave men and women who give up everything so that we could live in peace here in America. They are our hope for the future.

Thank you from my heart.

Anna Foultz

Ocean Pines

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