printed 01/31/2020


Ocean City will be affected by climate change over the next few decades. We are at risk of extreme storms and sea level rise.

This makes it very surprising that our local officials would work so hard against the wind farm.

The wind farms are not all we need to do but they would certainly be a step in the right direction.

The furor that our elected office holders have whipped up amongst the residents is really quite irresponsible and the tax money spent on mailings is wasteful.

Ocean City is averse to change and any changes cause much uproar amongst residents.

First over the smoking ban and then over the casino. Both happened and tourism has not only continued but is flourishing.

If we really want to protect this wonderful community, we must take proactive steps to help with climate change. A good place to start would be to embrace the wind farms.

Joan Roache

Ocean City

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I totally agree as well. I just spent this past week in Aruba. We drove directly underneath huge wind turbines on the coast. Quiet and not one dead bird!! At our resort, our view was beautiful turquoise waters and then miles offshore, a large oil platform. The platform definitely was not as pleasing to look at vs. the turbines. In addition to the oil rig, our view every day, all day, was 4-5 huge, ugly container ships. I'm sorry, but I would much rather look at a turbine vs. an oil rig and ugly ships. And what is going to happen when one of the ships has a leak or something happens to the platform... There goes their beautiful water and beach.


I totally agree, and especially resent the use of taxpayer funds to advance this position. As someone who lives right on the beach, and loves my view, I am not troubled by the possibility of distant towers maybe being barely visible, but am deeply worried about leaving my grandkids a livable planet, including an Ocean City still above water.

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