Letter to the Editor

printed 09/21/2018


I was reviewing the Letter to the Editor (LTE) in the Ocean City Today and the Dispatch/Maryland Coastal Dispatch, both published on Aug. 31. There may be other publications I did not review that contained the same writing.

The first that came to mind was their prominent position in the local area and further of Sandy and Palmer Gillis and their philanthropic activities, support to the 14th Annual Sand Castle Home Tour and participation on many board of directors and other business activities. I contemplated whether to write this letter, however the presentation and content of your LTE were overwhelming and I had to assume you were attacking the president because his political views did not conform to your many business ventures.

The second thing that came to mind is the aggressive and egregious context of the LTE(s). There were many topics where opinion were provided, generalized statements made, talk of rich people and those who own yachts, the “Ugly American,” others and most notable trashing President Trump — everyone’s president and his policies.

I will not take time to address each subject but let the other readers draw similar conclusions. You refer to free speech and took full advantage of that right. As it is written you cannot tolerate the Trump flag “…revolting as a confederate flag as to others “(not us).” Not an acceptable position (not us). Referring to the marinas “expensive yachts” flying the Trump flag. Many of those yachts are for hire, the owners business, not pleasure and I am sure you could afford one if you don’t already own one. Remember (…understand free speech).

Actually there is one more subject in your LTE to address. That is the reference to when national budget problems were created. You reference the recent tax cuts. Please review the significant budget problem at the end of the Obama presidency and how much of the national budget was wasted during his presidency.

I am not going to take any more time to respond to all your issues but let other do so, nor am I going into the economics of financing. I am sorry that your subject makes you “sad and sickening.” There are many remedies for that condition. I do commend you for offering your home on “Gillis Island” to house the “Party of the Year” and all other philanthropic involvement in which you participate.

Sorry if my response appears harsh and insensitive but it is responding to the LTE that was presented in the same criteria. I am sure there are those in Ocean City, the surrounding area and in Worcester County that appreciate you and your wife. Having said that just don’t degrade those American’s that have other political views and voted for President Trump and not crooked Hillary.

William Sheridan

Ocean Pines

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