Letter to the Editor

printed 05/21/2021


I had no intention of writing a letter to the editor until I read that shortsighted letter in the May 14 edition.

A women was lambasting Worcester County Sheriff Matthew Crisafulli for making Worcester County a “sanctuary county.”

She defined this by stating “a sanctuary for gun control.” She stated that the sheriff by doing this would be breaking Maryland law.

It is obvious that she doesn’t understand how this is not remotely true. The Supremacy Clause of the Constitution, article 6 clause 2, states that any federal treaties, laws, or decisions made by the federal government, and in accordance with the Constitution, will override any conflicting laws or decisions made by states.

If the good sheriff was ordered by RINO governor Hogan to outlaw all guns in the state or break and enter homes and confiscate them, our sheriff and all sheriffs, have the Constitutional right to refuse such an order.

The oath of office that Sheriff Crisafulli took does not obligate him to enforce laws emanating from Annapolis that are not well anchored in the United States Constitution.

Our founders knew how important is was to have an armed citizenry so they enacted the second amendment, the right to keep and bear arms.

Not so they can hunt, collect or protect themselves from bodily harm but to protect themselves from a run-a-way government bent on taking away all human rights. They experienced this in England.

We don’t really need more gun laws at all. We have laws that negate the necessity of any gun laws. They are overarching and all inclusive. The first of these is that it is unlawful to murder. The second is that it is unlawful to shoot another person unless you felt your life was in danger. There, that says it all!!

Consider the emotional stupidity of the people that actually “think” that gun laws will prevent crime. They are shallow thinkers.

Do they actually believe a gun law will prevent a deranged person who is bent on killing, for example, many school children because the gun he is using is banned having more than 10 rounds, looks military and that he is about to commit this atrocity in a “gun free zone”?

He is an outlaw first because he wants to murder.

Flash Bulletin: outlaws don’t obey laws only the good law abiding do. This makes good people vulnerable to the bad people.

“Outlaw guns then only outlaws will have them” is another undeniable truth.

One of the most dangerous places you can be is in a “gun free zone”. No good people in these zones can shoot back helping to reduce the carnage. Why? It is because they obey the law, it is a gun free zone.

Consider getting this made into a tattoo or bumper sticker: “A good man with a gun always stops a bad man with a gun!”

Many gun crimes that the Democrats always politicize, could have been averted or lessened by good trained law abiding people with a gun. How secure would anyone be with a good person shooting back at a nut trying to kill as many as possible?

I want to thank sheriff Crisafulli for his position on preventing an over reaching government from taking away our basic rights that our founders knew and appreciated so well. Pro-gun control people ignore history, in that every oppressive government always first sought to take away the people’s ability to protect themselves. And now they want to defund the police! Go figure.

Dennis W Evans


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