Letter to the Editor

Printed 4/19/19


Snow Hill Now hosts its candidates forum on April 29 at 6:30 p.m. at Snow Hill High School. 

All candidates seeking office in the May 7 general election are invited along with the public. 

Don Rush, news director Public Radio Delmarva (SCL/WSDL) Salisbury University, will be the moderator for the forum. Don is an award winning journalist, covering developments, the environment, and local politics.

Almost 200 residents of Snow Hill participated in two community forums held by SHN. The first forum convened at the middle school, Feb. 6 addressed the issues of how to revitalize the Town of Snow Hill. 

Four outcome statements were presented to the attendees by the organizers. The attendees were subdivided into discussion groups, at the close, each group reported out their findings to the larger body.

The data from the first forum was analyzed and placed into five categories. This information was posted online for participants, which attended the first forum, to prioritize and rank. 

The second forum, April 1 was built upon the first forum by asking the attendees to prioritize the finding from the data and rankings.

The outcome of this process established the top five priorities that the citizens have determined are the issues they want their elected officials to address.

We found that we all shared a greater number of concerns and aspirations then we might have realized, but there were still areas that needed to be addressed. Specifically, the sense that there are two distinct Snow Hill’s divided along lines of class and race. 

Addressing this concern [during the second forum], the attendees were again subdivided into discussion groups and later reported out their findings. 

These sessions were intense and emotional, but this is where we can be encouraged. People listened to each other. They heard others pain and felt the scars that were inflected by racism and separation dating back to childhood and high school days. People shed tears.

Nevertheless, this is Snow Hill now. The same people, black and white, that attended the forums want to heal the divide and be a part of the revitalization effort. 

The number one issue, which came out of the community forums, was Communications! What the forums demonstrate is this community’s capacity to listen and its desire for change. 

The question is what about our government? Have they heard what the people said they want? Are those seeking office willing to move government toward a business friendly and open government

The candidates forum is your opportunity to hear from the candidates in whom you will place your trust on May 7 to lead the town’s revitalization effort. 

Regardless of your choice or who you vote for, without concerted leverage there will be no true accountability. Snow Hill Now is committed to continue its mission of engaging the community in helping the town to thrive and grow. We hope to have your support and see you April 29 at the High School.

Edward S. Lee, Facilitator

Snow Hill Now


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