printed 09/28/2018


I want to thank the Ocean City (mayor and council) for discouraging the special events that fill our hotels and restaurants.

I also want to thank them for allowing many more hotels to be built recently, allowing for more empty rooms over the course of the year.

Thanks for sending the H2Oers packing. Forming a commission to look at the problem was a great idea. The commission consisted mostly of people that serve at the pleasure of the M&C, basically forcing them to twist the facts and cater to the M&C and the few thousand voters they need in November that would rather have no visitors.

Thanks for ignoring all the businesses and visitors that make this town what it is – a resort town. Thanks for bowing to the old farts that don’t want young people having fun in this town.

Instead, the H2Oers will pour their money into Atlantic City this year. You never provided the statistics showing that they had any more issues that week than any other summer week.

Thanks for rolling out the carpet of gloom for the cruisers. Setting up the special events zone was pretty sneaky, and changing the speed limit on Coastal really set them up well. State road standards demand that whenever you make a change in established traffic laws, you make sure people are aware of them.

For instance, in a construction zone, new speed limits are highlighted with blaze orange flags, and new fines are posted, such as “fines double in work zone.” Sneaky!! You did none of the above.

You changed the signs over night with no notice to drivers. I live here. I don’t pay attention to speed limit signs. I know what they are. I could have very easily received one of your special events zone tickets, which were much more than really needed to be. Unheard of to be exact.

So, way to go. In your campaign to secure a few votes to keep your jobs, you have managed to distress an entire community of business owners and their employees. It was actually funny to see the mayor on TV and radio begging people to come late in the season. Oooooppppppss!!! Guess he finally realized revenue was down significantly.

I have another good idea for the M&C. As drinking and driving are a threat, create a goon squad to go into bars. Have them shake down anyone drinking. If they have car keys on them, create a new “special events” law where you can arrest them and charge them with drinking and having the means to start and drive a car.

That would discourage many, many more people from coming to OC. Oh, wait. Scratch that. You would probably end up arresting most of your old crony voters.

Oh well. See you in November.

Wally DeBord

Ocean City

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