Letter to the Editor

printed 03/11/2022


Sports tourism is one of the best models for economic development using the least amount of resources.

Mr. [Vince] Gisriel is on the wrong side of this issue. A sports complex in Worcester County near Ocean City will be a great success for participants and local businesses. Teams will come from South Carolina to New York.

The Town of Ocean City and Worcester County commissioners should have moved this plan forward 10 years ago. The demand is there.

Do you think that tournament promoters would prefer to have events booked in Hagerstown and St. Mary’s County or Ocean City and the beach?

Sports participation is bigger than ever. Many tournaments are scheduled for spring and fall, bringing much needed revenue to Worcester County during the shoulder seasons.

County commissioners, it is time to energetically move this complex forward and commissioners who have been inclined to obstruct perhaps could take a closer, fresher look. It’s election season!

Giving young, outdoor oriented kids an excuse to come to the beach and Worcester County is an experience that will pay dividends for years to come (50), as they can’t wait to return and bring their families when they grow up. You can’t put a price on that, Vince.

John Fager

Owner Fager’s Island

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