printed 09/14/2018


On Aug.10, my wife and I were in the fourth car of a six-car chain reaction accident on Coastal Highway at 90th Street.

Our car was totaled, but to my knowledge there were no major health issues with any of the occupants of all the cars. Within minutes, a number of police were at our location. Their first question was are you all right?

Then Officer M. Dzurnak arrived and collected identification and registrations from all six cars. An ambulance person arrived and offered to take us to the nearest emergency room, which we declined.

A tow truck operator arrived to take our car off the highway and, because it was raining, one of the officers gave my wife shelter in a police car.

A number of young police, male and female, continually checked with us to be sure we were OK. Within approximately 55 minutes, Officer Dzurnak had entered all the data from everyone’s documents into a motor vehicle collision information exchange form, talked to people in each car, handed us back our individual documents, and given us all a copy of the collision information form.

He calmly talked to all of us even as other tow vehicles were helping clean up the highway. The officer in the car with my wife got permission to drive us to our condo at 52nd Street. A big thank-you and well done to the Ocean City Police.

Chris Justis

Ellicott City

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