printed 10/04/2019


We are concerned with the one-sided picture the residents of Ocean City and its surrounding communities are getting concerning offshore wind power.

It is clear that Ocean City’s Mayor and City Council have made up their minds to oppose the concept, no matter the details or facts that emerge.

There seems to be an underlying resort culture that says the most important thing is bringing more people (and their money) to Ocean City, no matter the cost to residents or to the environment or to the beauty of the area.

At what point is the natural attraction of the ocean and its innate appeal completely destroyed by too many people, too much traffic, too little parking (most of it for a fee), and too much noise?

Have the politicians really looked very far into the future?

What does this have to do with an offshore wind farm? Mainly the irony that so much public attention has been given to the false concern that visitors would actually be turned away by having wind generators “mar” their ocean view.

Instead, the town mission seems to be to bring in every possible group and event to do all they can to make the resort area too crowded, too deafening, too grid-locked, too disrespectful of law enforcement, too far away from the reason most people come to the ocean—its serenity and relaxation to refresh the soul.

A look at Block Island, Rhode Island, a very progressive community, shows that its five wind generators have become a tourist attraction with tour boats taking eager visitors out for a closer look. People are not turned off by them.

Also fishermen report catching more fish in the vicinity of the platforms. And these are only three miles offshore, presenting a pleasant sight for land visitors as well.

This, of course, is beside the fact that the turbines have now reduced the cost of the island’s electrical power supply by 30 percent for the 1,000 year-round residents, plus seasonal visitors.

Renewable energy is the salvation of the planet. Anything else is shortsighted. Our children and grandchildren will pay too big a price for this generation’s selfishness.

With the current trend toward overcrowding, Ocean City needs alternate energy sources more than ever to bridge the energy gap.

A politician with a concern for the future would be wise to explore all the avenues for making our town a better place to visit and to live while preserving the natural beauty for future generations.

With a more forward-looking leadership, Ocean City could be a trail-blazer in leading the way for a better environment and a better community.

Monty and Sara Lewis

West Ocean City

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