printed 01/08/2021


In 2016 two mothers, Jackie Ball and Heidi McNeeley, joined forces to battle opiate addiction in Worcester County and to provide resources and support to people dealing with addiction whether in themselves or in people that they loved.

The citizens of Worcester County, along with the Worcester County Health Department, embraced these moms, and the nonprofit organization Worcester County Warriors Against Opiate Addiction was born.

Articles of incorporation were written, by-laws were approved and a passionate, talented board of directors came together.

Monthly "town hall" meetings were held and valuable resources were introduced to the community. Over five years, the Warriors grew to 300 registered members and countless business owners and politicians who joined the battle.

Because of the generosity of the Humphrey's Foundation, the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore and numerous local citizens, over $100,000 has been raised by the Warriors in five years' time.

That money has been used almost exclusively for funding recovery for more than 150 people.

This year, the Warriors are excited to announce that they will be merging with the organization, Worcester Goes Purple (WGP).

WGP was started with grant funding from the Opioid Operational Command Center grant which was facilitated by the Worcester County Board of Education.

Partnering with the Worcester County Health Department and Atlantic General Hospital, WGP was born.

Led by Debbie Smullen, Worcester Goes Purple has been an important player in the battle against all addiction.

Debbie has led the charge in reducing stigma and bringing awareness to the addiction of Worcester County.

Debbie will continue her leadership of the new organization, Worcester Goes Purple Warriors Against Addiction.

Jackie and Heidi will continue to support Debbie and will always be passionate fighters against addiction everywhere.

For more information please contact Debbie at wgpwarriors2021@gmail.com.

Heidi A. McNeeley, President

Worcester County Warriors Against Opiate Addiction

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