Letter to the Editor

printed 10/22/2021

(The following was sent to the Ocean City Council, with a copy provided to Ocean City Today).

Dear O.C. City Council Members,

Can somebody explain to me why Hal (Adkins) wants to spend $38,000 to convert a manual gate opener to an automatic gate opener? Public Works does not want to get out of the truck, unlock the control box and push a button to open the gate. What a waste of money.

Why not use this money to bring tourists to town this new year’s weekend. With New Year’s Eve on Friday, why does O.C. not put on a concert at convention hall on Saturday night to celebrate New Year’s? I enclose an article from the newspaper what Berlin is doing for the holidays.

Why does O.C. not have a weekend Merry Marketplace in the inlet lot? Rent out Holiday Blow Up for the kids to have fun on. Have a food truck, beer truck, O.C. Canteen truck selling hot chocolate.

Have a cash prize ice sculpture contest every weekend. Put up the Christmas lights on the beach that you did not use at Northside Park. Have a drive thru light display.

Leave Northside Park as a walk thru display — 74,201 people walked thru the lights last year. Horse and buggy rides on the Boardwalk. Hayrides on the beach. Bonfires on the beach. New Year’s Eve Party in inlet lot 10 p.m. to midnight with a live band. Shoot off our 4th of July fireworks at midnight on the beach.

George Leukel

Ocean City

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