printed 10/04/2019


To the Mayor and City Council of Ocean City – enough!

What happened in Ocean City this past week was a travesty! No more finger pointing and blame game! It cannot happen again.

I have never felt unsafe walking down Coastal Highway until this past weekend. There needs to be changes made and they need to be made now.

Our police tried their best but they were hopelessly outnumbered by the hoodlums that invaded our town. There is a better way.

Please accept my humble opinions as to what changes would have the effect of stopping what occurred.

1) Don’t just hand out tickets that are so small that they just consider them the cost of doing business – make them count! A ticket for burnouts and donuts should be at a minimum $1,000 – money talks.

2) Don’t just hand them a ticket – impound the cars. A car impounded on Friday night can’t be recovered until the offices open up again on Monday.

Result – less cars on the street. I don’t care if you have to rent a parking lot to put all the impounded cars in – do it!

And the best idea of all - #3 – put up concrete barricades all the way up and down Coastal Highway so that only one (the center) lane can be driven in.

The side lanes can be used for emergency vehicles trying to move around town. If all the cars are in one row there is not enough space on their sides for donuts or burnouts.

There are too many cars all in one line for speeding. This would be more cost effective than having to pay the overtime for all of the officers who have to babysit these infants.

It effectively slows them down, allows for movement of emergency vehicles, keeps the crowds from the travel lanes and eliminates the space needed for their juvenile antics!

A year or two of handling it this way and maybe they will choose to move on as another disruptive group did several years ago when they found they were unwelcome. Just a thought!

Wendy Sevier

Ocean City

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