Letter to the Editor

printed 10/08/2021


It seems once again many are trying to take a tragedy and turn it into a political agenda.

While the loss any life by any means other than natural final breath is regrettable, we seem to have lost focus on the larger picture affecting America, and the world in general.

The press want to admonish those who oppose abortion and label it as murder of the innocents, yet the city of Chicago has a high number of murders on a monthly basis.

Where is the outcry and demand for change and new laws over this?

Perhaps it is because Chicago has the toughest gun laws in the entire nation.

The issue my friends is not guns or gun control or the debate about abortion. What we are dealing with is a heart issue.

People no longer respect or hold the dignity of life as sacred any more. Instead we have placed a dollar sign on life and see the lives of others in light of what they can do for us to help us get what we want.

This is Satan whispering and running free amongst us. Until we begin to put the value of all life back into a sacred position and recognize it as a true gift from God, nothing will change. It has to come from the pulpit, from the leaders, and from all of us who call Jesus the Christ, Lord.

We can’t legislate evil and stupidity. Satan and his minions have been running free and have never cared about man’s laws or God’s for that matter.

The change has to come from within, and until life is once again held in high sacred honor, sadly I am afraid more and more events that take the lives of innocents will continue.

It is time for the people of God to rise up and take back the streets and to protect the value and sanctity of all life.

The Very Rev, Larry Barnhill, Dean

Holy Trinity Cathedral (Anglican)


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