Letter to the Editor

printed 08/17/2018


There were three items in the Aug. 9 edition of Ocean City Today about which I have a counter opinion I would like to express.

The first is a letter to the editor from Steve Lind commenting on a previous letter about President Trump’s speech to the VFW convention.

In the letter, Mr. Lind contends that “Americans in general prefer Trump.” Apparently, an overdose of Fox and Friends. Trump’s overall popularity has not hit 50 percent and in the latest Gallup poll was only 39 percent.

It is hard to argue that Americans in general prefer Trump when his disapproval numbers exceed his approval numbers by double digits.

The second is a letter to the editor from James Majernik commenting on a prior letter to the editor regarding business displays of political opinion.

Mr. Majernik confuses the right of free speech with common sense business practices. If you own a business, displaying a banner supporting Trump in your business is likely to drive away some customers. And displaying anti-Trump banners will do likewise.

Several weeks ago, a restaurant in Virginia asked Sarah Sanders and her party to leave the restaurant as they did not want to serve her. The restaurant owner was exercising a free speech right making it clear that they did not want to have anything to do with Sanders.

The action was applauded by many on the left. However, the business was shut down for some time due to counter-protests. A good example of how the public exercise of free speech on controversial topics can ruin a business.

The third is the article concerning the man arrested for drunk driving who has five prior drunk-driving offenses.

This left me wondering whether authorities are waiting for this guy to kill or seriously injure someone before taking action to keep this guy off the road. Driving a car while drunk is manslaughter waiting to happen and should be considered as such – particularly if the individual has had a prior conviction.

Jim Thomas

Silver Spring

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