printed 07/31/2020

When something is the right thing to do, that doesn’t make it the most well-received thing to do, a circumstance that almost always makes taking the correct action more difficult.

This week, in two unrelated cases, people in positions of responsibility opted for the tougher, albeit more thoughtful and safer, approach to their respective enterprises.

OC Jams, the promoters of OC BikeFest and Delmarva Bike Week, two major sources of revenue for the Wisconsin-based company, decided it was in everyone’s best interest to wait until next year. This would have been OC BikeFest’s 12th year anniversary, and the Delmarva Bike Week’s 20th year.

This is a huge blow to them and to Ocean City-area businesses, but it was nevertheless the right thing to do considering the still unfolding developments of the novel coronavirus pandemic. This was a good, but painful, call.

Also deciding on the more difficult but wiser approach to operations this year was the public school system’s Superintendent Lou Taylor, his board of education and other advisors.

By going slow and opening public schools gradually, beginning with distance learning — or learning remotely via computer — school officials are ensuring the health and safety of everyone involved, from the students, to the staff and the teachers.

The system’s four-stage “Responsible Return” plan also addresses the fears of the many people who remain deeply concerned about potential health problems.

Opening in phases will allow everyone to become accustomed to the resumption of school under these unique circumstances until this pandemic fades away and individuals’ degree of personal comfort returns to a more normal level.

Tough and painful decisions are the order of the day, it seems, and the rest of us must acknowledge and accept that when the right thing to do is hard on us all.

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