printed 08/21/2020

The World War II series presented each week in the paper by local attorney Peter Wimbrow, with contributions by Sam Ghaleb, a college professor in California, frequently illustrate how good this country has it if we bothered to think about it now and then.

Even in this age of a rotten economy, the novel coronavirus, and a political situation that revels in its own nastiness, we have no problems that compare with those recounted in these articles.

This week, as Mr. Ghaleb writes, the Battle of Britain was underway, and for people who think the mask/no mask conflict is a struggle for this nation’s soul, or that schools should or should not start, or that political flag flying or not flying is of critical importance to our future, read Mr. Ghaleb’s article.

The Battle of Britain was a real struggle for survival, and was when personal sacrifice meant going down in flames to help stop the aerial armada turned loose on England by the Nazi war machine.

Think about the airmen who went up in their fighter planes knowing the odds against their return were not that good, and think about the determination they employed to turn the odds in their favor.

Also ponder on the people who dug their friends and families out of the rubble of their bombed-out city, convinced that taking this punishment was far superior to giving up.

That’s what the Germans were betting on — that they could continue to hammer the British until they realized that surrender was the only way to survive. Except they didn’t surrender, they prevailed.

Meanwhile, here we are being uncivil to each other, people punching people who ask them to wear a mask, driving their cars into each other because of disagreements, unable to discuss different political philosophies without screaming, and subscribing to crazy conspiracy theories because they attack who we dislike.

Read about this incredible, self-sacrificing defense of Great Britain, and then ask yourself what’s going on here that is worse than that.

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