printed 05/22/2020

It’s the Memorial Day weekend, sort of.

Normally, this would be the opening bell of the traditional summer for Ocean City, but not this year.

This year’s holiday weekend will be unlike any other since at least World War II, when millions of the nation’s finest young men and women were overseas fighting to prevent world conquest by some of the evilest people ever to walk the planet.

Unlike then, this Memorial Day will be a shadow of its former self because of bizarre circumstances visited upon the globe by an all-but-invisible creature, the covid-19 virus.

While science has yet to develop a way to stop it, governments have responded by attempting to limit its spread: hence our Memorial Day without bars, restaurants and mass gatherings of people anywhere.

It’s a rough situation for all: businesses, workers, residents and visitors. It’s so rough, in fact, that it’s hard to find fault with people who have just had enough, and want to forget all about the rules and restrictions and even the disease itself by going out and having fun.

That’s okay, too, as long as people don’t decide to have too much fun, as in running a little too wild, congregating a little too much, and creating scenes that might be a little too out of control.

As much as Ocean City needs the business and the return of its usual bustling nature, it doesn’t need any celebrating that involves a lack of personal responsibility and consideration of others.

The key to reopening Ocean City sooner rather than later is to show state officials that it has the situation well in hand, and that its crowds are acting responsibility and are staying healthy. Anything less than that won’t help the resort’s appeals for more leniency in its approach to guarding against the spread of the virus while also allowing the business of summer get underway.

So welcome to the beach. Please don’t ruin Ocean City’s chances of offering an even warmer welcome a little later on this summer.

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