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(Oct. 2, 2020) Since the Worcester Prep girls’ soccer team returned to practice about a month ago, Coach Carol Hartnett said her players are excited to be on the field and at school, with smiles across their faces.

“It’s such a privilege that we get to play sports at all this season and I think all of the girls, every single one of them, comes out here with such enthusiasm every single day,” said captain Waverly Choy, the team’s lone senior. “Everyone’s just so grateful that we get to play … Everyone is so excited. The energy on the team is so great this year.”

Three of the Lady Mallards’ four game are on their home field in Berlin. They hosted fellow Eastern Shore Independent Athletic Conference team, the Gunston Day Herons, last Friday, and won, 4-0.

“We played well, considering they haven’t been in school for how many months, and just everything going on,” Prep Coach Carol Hartnett said. “It’s a crazy world right now. It’s a lot to ask for kids to come out and perform like this.”

Worcester led 2-0 at halftime, with goals scored by sophomore Morgan Schoch and freshman Ansley Gardner.

Gardner made it 3-0 with 19:46 remaining in the game. Sophomore Olivia Mattingly netted the Mallards’ fourth goal with 10:58 on the clock.

Mattingly played in goal the first half and part of the second half. Freshman Lebby Becker took over midway into the second half. They combined for five saves.

“We had first-game jitters. We have a lot of new personnel [and] our freshmen were really contributing a lot,” Hartnett said. “Our juniors, we’re jumping on their backs this season, and they are just our workhorses. They just don’t quit. Basically, the theme of our season is you can’t beat a team that outworks you. I think that they worked very hard.”

All 25 players saw time on the field in both the first and second half.

“Everyone contributed,” she said.

Worcester Prep begin in-person instruction on Sept. 1 for students in grades 9-12, with everyone returning by Sept. 8.

With safety protocols in place, Worcester Prep student-athletes stepped back on the field, court or course late last month for practice.

Worcester, an independent, college prep day school, will travel to Salisbury today, Friday, to play the Eastern Shore Independent Athletic Conference Salisbury Christian Jaguars at 4 p.m.

“Our goal is to keep on improving every game and just enjoy the season,” Choy said. “As the only senior, sometimes it’s hard not to have anyone else in your grade, but I’ve found so many friends on the soccer team and it’s just so great to come out here every day and enjoy my time practicing.”

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