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(April 23, 2021) The Stephen Decatur boys’ soccer team ended its season on a high note, with an 8-0 victory over the Washington Jaguars last Wednesday in Princess Anne.

“It was a good game. We had fun,” said Decatur Coach Jamie Greenwood. “It wasn’t an overly challenging game, but for what they had they did well. They only had 12 players and we have 23. When they started to tire out, we took over. We passed the ball around, passed into spaces and made them chase, and that’s what did it.”

Senior Wil Barrett started things off, scoring a little over one minute into the game.

Seniors Aidan Morrison, captain Evan Kinsey, Emmanuel Aroh and Eric Berry also scored goals in the first half.

Junior Miguel Cervantes, sophomore Ryan McLaughlin and junior Ryan Sweeney tallied goals in the second half.

Junior Aeddan Jones made five saves in goal for Decatur.

“We passed well, we played to space, made diagonal runs and they communicated,” Greenwood said. “It was a good way to end the season.”

The soccer season always runs August to the end of October/beginning of November, but because of covid it started in February this year.

The Seahawks finished the season with a 9-2 record.

“I thought it was good. We got to see a lot, especially from the younger players. It was a good way to build toward next season,” Greenwood said. “We’ll be back out there in four months. We found some new positions for people this year. We were able to move people around in different positions and see where they fit best because there were no repercussions for losing.”

The team will graduate nine players, six of them starters, but all got a good amount of time on the field.

“With the short time between seasons, my hope is their fitness will be better, and that they won’t lose so much with the fast turnaround,” Greenwood said. “I hope they come back with renewed vigor.”

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