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Stephen Decatur sophomore Jessica Janney takes a shot inside the paint during Tuesday’s game against North Caroline in Berlin. She had 13 points and 13 rebounds in the 61-40 win.

(Feb. 22, 2019) After playing six straight games on the road, the Stephen Decatur girls’ basketball team returned to Berlin for competition Tuesday night.

The Lady Seahawks hosted the North Caroline Bulldogs and won, 61-40.

“I was hoping they’d bring their best back here and they really did,” Decatur Coach Scott Kurtz said. “I was so happy for them [and] for their families to be able to see what they’ve been working so hard to do.”

Decatur outscored North Caroline 17-12 in the first quarter. At halftime, the home team led 38-18.

“The first half was probably the best basketball we’ve played all season. Putting up 38 by halftime, that’s what we’ve been working for,” Kurtz said.

“We haven’t been a strong, like, percentage-shooting team,” he continued. “We strive to wear down the teams with our press and our energy, and hopefully capitalize at the end when they get burned out. But for us to shoot as wells we shot, specifically the second group that came in that second quarter, really gave us so much energy.”

The Seahawks added 14 points in the third quarter to pull ahead 52-26.

Sophomore Jessica Janney was Decatur’s top producer with 13 points and 13 rebounds. Freshman Nadia Bullock chipped in with 12 points and four rebounds, and sophomore Jessica Delisi contributed 10 points.

“The first group really set the tone and crashed the boards. And then when the second group came in they had the ability to see, when they pressed, what was going to work and what wasn’t,” Kurtz said. “We got some quick turnovers, then we just started increasing [the lead]. The second group did not let up. They were just relentless out there in that second quarter.

“People were really knocking down shots,” he added. “It was a full team [effort] out there.”

Seeding for the Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association tournament will take place Tuesday. Regional tournament action will begin on Friday, March 1. Decatur will compete in the 3A East Region.

“I think they’re ready. We know we’re going to get a team that’s seasoned and ready to roll. If we can have a first half like we had tonight in a game against that type of competition, I give us a chance to maybe upset somebody,” Kurtz said.

“We’re not a team that’s going to go out there and shoot 50 percent from the field. We’ve got some good girls that really hustle, but we’re not a team that’s just going to light it up,” he continued. “We got to score ugly and dirty sometimes. If we play our ugly style, we might be able to get an upset in one of these games coming up.”

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