(April 26, 2019) The Stephen Decatur tennis teams played the Pocomoke Warriors on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the Seahawks came out on top both days.

Pocomoke traveled to Berlin for the first matchup. Decatur boys’ team won all seven matches on Tuesday.

Freshman Noah Fisher (8-1) and senior captain Jonathan Petito (8-6) earned victories at first and second singles, respectively.

Sophomore Aaron Cohen battled in his third singles match, which went into a tiebreaker set. He won 7-5. Sophomore Micah Bourne outscored his fourth singles opponent, 8-3.

Fisher and Bourne shut out their first doubles competition, 8-0. Petito and Cohen edged out their second doubles opponents, 8-6.

Pocomoke forfeited the third doubles match.

Not playing for six days affected the Seahawks a bit, Coach Steve Berquist said.

“We were definitely not on our ‘A’ game,” he said. “We weren’t sharp. We didn’t have our edge.”

The Lady Seahawks went 6-1 over the Warriors.

Senior captain Grace Beres shut out her first singles opponent, 8-0.

Junior Laura Meadows battled in her second singles match, which went into a tiebreaker set. She edged out her competition, 8-6.

Senior Sophia Gordy won, 8-0, at third singles.

Gordy teamed up with Beres for first doubles action. They were successful, 8-0.

Junior Sarah Haskell and senior Abby Crisanti topped their second doubles opponents, 8-2.

Sophomores Emily Stitely and Melis Unal were victorious, 8-0, at third doubles.

“We played well for being off since last Wednesday,” Coach Jamie Greenwood said. “Six days later, with no practice, I was happy with the way they played.”

The next day Decatur took a trip to Pocomoke for competition.

Greenwood changed his lineup a bit and the girls’ squad won 5-2.

Beres (8-0), Gordy (8-2) and Stitely (8-2), took their first, third and fourth singles matches, respectively.

Beres and Gordy came out on top, 8-1, at first doubles. The third doubles team of sophomores Jamie Adams and Sam Cummings edged out their opponents, 8-4.

“We played all right,” Greenwood said. “We learned some things from [Tuesday] and applied it to [Wednesday’s match].”

The Decatur boys’ team had a tough day, but won 4-3.

“We took them way too lightly after beating them 7-0 [on Tuesday],” Berquist said. “We had some close matches [on Tuesday], but we came out on top. Playing them the next day was tough, too.”

Fisher earned an 8-2 victory at first singles. He and junior Austin Marple were victorious, 8-2, at first doubles.

Petito and Cohen outscored their second doubles competition, 8-3. Petito fought in his singles match following doubles play, but had to forfeit because of calf cramping. Decatur had already secured the team victory at that point.

Pocomoke forfeited the third doubles match.

“It was tight,” Berquist said. “It was close, but a win’s a win.”

Decatur will take on the Worcester Prep Mallards on Monday. The boys’ will play on Worcester’s courts in Ocean Pines. The girls’ will compete on Decatur’s courts in Berlin. Matches will start around 3:30 p.m.

Decatur will host the Washington Jaguars Tuesday at 4 p.m. The Seahawks will go to Snow Hill Wednesday to play the Eagles at 4 p.m.

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