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Three Stephen Decatur runners earned medals for placing top 15 during the annual Rumble in the Jungle event last Thursday in Cambridge. Pictured, from left, are junior Ethan Justice, sophomore Amber Marshall and junior Macy Woroniecki.

(Sept. 16, 2022) The Stephen Decatur and Worcester Prep cross country teams were among the two dozen schools that participated in the annual Rumble in the Jungle event last Thursday in Cambridge.

Nearly 200 boys and over 130 girls competed. The top 15 in each race earned medals.

The Decatur boys’ and girls’ squads both finished in seventh place.

“It was a great event. The kids all had fun,” said Decatur Coach Brenda Hommel. “I was very happy with how we did. The kids are working hard and showing improvement.”

The top five finishers for the Lady Seahawks squad were: junior Macy Woroniecki (ninth, 21:30.21), sophomores Amber Marshall (14th, 21:54.18), Clarice Piela (59th, 25:32.93), Alessandra Fernandez (83rd, 27:10.44) and Rachel Plata (84th, 27:11.46).

Leading the boys’ team was: junior Ethan Justice (third, 17:01.23), freshman Todd Haley (46th, 19:42.45), Liam Hughes (62nd, 20:22.80), senior Evan Justice (69th, 20:48.94) and Graham Field (78th, 21:15.19).

“There were 26 teams and a lot of them were from across the bridge. We finished third among our conference teams,” Hommel said. “I was really happy with how the girls did and the boys were only eight points behind Snow Hill, so I think we could beat them in the Bayside South meet, which is on our home course.”

Worcester’s teams both came in 14th place overall.

The top five finishers for the girls’ team were: senior Caitlyn Hoen (51st, 24:55.50), freshmen Ayla Yonker (69th, 26:17.34), Catherine Cullen (94th, 28:20.83) and Sydney Todorov (103rd, 28:58.43) and sophomore Aurora Holland (108th, 29:20.83).

Leading the boys’ team was: junior Jason Todorov (40th, 19:31.37), senior Cooper Ludt (50th, 19:51.62), junior Dylan Simons (93rd, 21:52.71), senior Riley Moyer (98th, 21:56.99) and freshman Jake Timmons (100th, 22:05.50).

“The kids were very pleased with their times. We had several runners who broke personal records,” said Prep Coach Megan Leslie. “It has motivated them to train even harder for the next meet.”

“”Overall, the WPS runners did a good job, with most running better than their previous time on the course. We faced tough competition against excellent runners and strong teams,” added Coach Don Cathcart.

Worcester’s next meet is Thursday, on its home course in Berlin at 4 p.m.

Decatur will compete in a meet on Wednesday at 4 p.m. in Salisbury.

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