(March 8, 2019) During its first tournament of the season, the 12-player Delmarva Aces travel baseball team came home from Orlando, Florida with a first-place trophy.

Fifteen teams participated in the President’s Day Challenge tournament on Feb. 16-18,. Teams included various towns in Florida, including Main Baseball Academy from Deltona, Florida, the top-ranked team in Florida and third in the nation.

The third-seeded Delmarva Aces, comprised of boys age 10 and under from Berlin, went undefeated in tournament play.

“In the five games, they outscored their opponents a combined 75 runs scored and only gave up six runs, and stole 105 bases, which is crazy,” Assistant Coach Tripper Heckscher said. “Because of the win, the United States Specialty Sports Association, a national organization for amateur sports, has the boys ranked as the No. 1 team in Maryland and No. 16 in the whole nation.”


The Delmarva Aces celebrate winning first place during its first tournament of the season.

The team, comprised of Dylan Oakley, Ryan Coulbourne, Cole Muir, Waylon Watson, Aiden Rementer, Daulton McCabe, Aaden Johnson, Reed Holliday, Liam Conway, Jordan Bredenberg, Landon Daniel and Daylen Linton, come from a diverse background, with some team members traveling from Easton, Chincoteague and even Philadelphia to practice twice a week.

Heckscher said the tournament success was a team effort and the boys were “pretty excited” to win.

“All those teams down there in Florida get to play year-round,” Heckscher said. “My son, Landon Daniel, is the first basemen on the team. He hit his first home run over the fence during the tournament, which was the only over-the-fence home run for anybody in the tournament in the age group.”

The league has been invited to the Early Bird Brawl USSSA tournament in Richmond, Virginia, next week. Twelve teams are entered, including the Virginia Seminoles and RBA 360 – the first- and second-ranked teams in Virginia, respectively.

The boys have seven more tournaments to look forward to between now and the end of June, with most of the games taking place in Georgetown, Delaware, but there will also be a few over the bridge in Aberdeen, Maryland, and Hershey, Pennsylvania, as well, Heckscher said.

For more information, visit www.delmarvaaces.com.

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