(Oct. 11, 2019) Ocean City’s own karate kid, Dorian Messick, who will be turning 9 at the end of the month, earned first place in weapons and forms in his age bracket, fourth place in breaking wooden blocks and two martial arts grand championship belts after taking first place at the regional Ocean City Classics Karate Tournament, held at Northside Park on 125th Street on Sunday.


Dorian Messick, 8, took first place in his age bracket for forms and weapons, fourth place for breaking wooden blocks and won two grand championship belts for weapons and forms at the 18th annual Ocean City Classic Karate Tournament at Northside Park on 125th Street, Oct. 6.

Messick competed against several other martial arts students in his division, ranging from children his own age to teenagers up to 17 years old. He even bested two 17-year-old participants during Sunday’s competition.

He won first place in the weapons division and forms in advanced belts, which allowed him to proceed into the grand championship divisions.

“I just feel so happy because I won two grand champions and I’m very happy about that,” Messick said. “I like karate because we can do fun things at the end of classes.”

Messick has been practicing martial arts since he was 5 years old, and is currently a red belt, which is only two levels below a black belt.

“It was super cool,” Messick said. “I need to give a big compliment to Grand Master Kim and Master Jim, Master Sunil, Master Tanya and Master Jason. They helped me a lot for the tournament.”

Messick’s father, David, is extremely proud of his son for his prowess in the martial arts field.

“The most impressive thing to me was that every single one of his competitors came up to him and each of them congratulated each other and said that they agreed that he deserved it,” David said. “He got to first place in both weapons and forms in advanced belts in his age bracket, which then put him into the grand championship where he was then was put against all 17 and under, under black belts.”

Messick has competed in several states, ranging from New Jersey to North Carolina. This past July, he also participated in the Junior Olympics.

Originally, Messick participated in a six-week program hosted by Chesapeake Martial Arts in Ocean Pines. The introductory program was held in the same location that the tournament would be held almost four years later.

“The entire school did well at this past competition,” David said. “He’s been fortunate to have a combination of a few of the teachers that have really helped him on the field to get to this point and his peers.”

Messick will continue to hone his martial arts skills, compete in more tournaments and he plans to become a black belt by the end of the year.

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